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Our new email address is - harbourlivestock1@gmail.com

Harbour Livestock is one of the oldest and most reputable market goat and Southdown producers in the country. We have raised nationally competitive wether goats and breeding stock for close to two decades and Southdown sheep for thirty plus years.

Our focus at Harbour Livestock is to raise TOP quality wether goats and Southdown lambs that can compete anywhere in the country. Our annual wether goat production is approximately 400 head starting in December and ending in July. This enables our customers to purchase show prospects for competition any time of the year. We have an excellent set of doe kids for sale private treaty at all times, as well as select Bucks and Mature Does.

Our Southdown flock produces some of the most competitive wether lambs and ewe lambs in the country. We have raised multiple Champions at Texas Major Stock Shows as well as state fairs around the country. We have raised the back to back champion at Louisville in 2009 & 2010. Our stud buck battery is focused on CO2 and his sons H2, Jag, and 505. We have an excellent set of ewe lambs for sale as well as mature ewes. 2012 will be our most successful year yet with the H2 lamb crop hitting the show ring for the first time.


I am pleased to announce that my daughter, Chealsey White, won Reserve Grand Champion goat at Brazoria County just yesterday! We purchased our goat from one of your auctions earlier this summer after friends encouraged us to attend your auction with them. By the way, their daughter won first in her class with a goat they purchased from the same auction! We will be heavy at heart to see Kitty sale at auction, but look forward to our next show adventure! Our family would like to thank you for your vision in raising such quality animals!
Tim, Kim and Chealsey White

My name is Tracy and I breed and show miniature goats in Australia. I got your DVD for my birthday as per my request as I wanted a DVD that would cover clipping as I have never been shown how to properly clip my goats and basically have just done what I thought was appropriate. I loved how you blended the legs and the tail as these were two areas I had no idea how to clip properly and have been guilty of leaving the poodle puff at the end for lack of knowing what exactly to do with it. I also gained a tremendous amount of information with the section on hoof trimming, another area where I have not quite known what I was doing and realize now that my trimming needs a lot of work, especially with removing the heel! I have always taken some of the heel off, but nothing to what you showed in the dvd, so hopefully with correct hoof trimming I can fix a couple of my hoof problems, like toes rolling out, which I was told was from the animal being pinched at the elbows, but I believe now it has more to do with the way I trim the feet. Another thing that you said on the DVD was about the water and how you should always take your own water to shows because of the taste and smell, is something I will do from now on. Even in our hottest weather I cannot get my goats to drink at a show, which results in them losing a lot of condition and last year I almost lost one of my top breeding doe due to heat stress. Being on rainwater tanks would be why my animals won’t drink away from home due to the chlorine in the main water supply. So from now on I will take my own water and hopefully avoid any pitfalls with animals refusing to drink. My big question is about the table you used throughout the DVD, where can I buy one? Or has it been home made? If you designed it yourself would there be any way you would share the dimensions with me. Obviously having something that large shipped to Australia may cost me an arm and a leg, so if I could get it made up here would be fantastic. With regards to your feeding, do you feed hay? Or chaff? As what you dished out in the feed bucket didn’t appear to have any chaff or hay, would you mind listing your actual feed ingredients?
Thank you for a great DVD, I will highly recommend it!


I wanted to let you know about the goat we purchased from your July wether sale. Lot #40, ear tag 454, 4/2/09 out of Sugar Ray. At our Jack County Youth Fair Friday he placed 1st in his class, was reserve light-heavyweight champion, and went on to win overall Reserve Grand Champion. This goat has been by far the best my daughter has ever shown. He is an easy keeper, always has a good appetite, nothing stresses him, and he has the personality of a spoiled 5 year old child. He thinks he's the only goat in the pen, and that all eyes should be on him. He's a very balanced goat with lots of eye appeal. He has also placed extremely well at many jackpot shows, many first places and 2 reserve grand champions. My daughter has won 5 buckles with him this year. This is my daughter's senior year, and I couldn't have asked for a better goat for her to show. We'll be taking him either to San Antonio or Houston. Thank you for your time, and for producing such a great animal!
Tonya Oleksyn


This is a picture of Austin's champion down at the Tri-State fair this year. He has won this show with your Southdowns for the last 4 years in a row. We added up the breed champions he has won at jackpots, and shows with your downs in the last 4 years he has won 21 breeds and 12 reserve breeds. This sheep should be interesting at the majors this year he was only 100 pounds in this picture.
Brian & Austin


I am emailing you to let you know that Morgan Kidd placed with her southdown. She took Breed Champion with him this year at the Tarrant County Livestock Show Feb. 20, 2009! She has fallen in love with this breed and hopes to continue to show Harbour Southdowns. She is planning on taking her Southdown to Houston and hopes to see you and your family there!
Hope to see you in Houston and have a great day!
Brynn Kidd, Morgan Kidd, Tabatha Kidd, and Tim Johnson

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for our wether. He is the nicest goat we have ever had and my daughter can't wait to show him and see how he stacks up to the California competition. He made the trip just fine and is adjusting well to his new home and routine. Your cd is awesome. We have learned so much from it and will make it available to the kids in our 4-H group. This is exactly what we have been looking for and answers so many of the questions we had about showing meat goats. It is definitely a different game than the dairy goats.
See you in the spring!

Hey, Just wanted to let you know how we did at our state fair. Both Harbour bred goats were class winners and the one in the picture was reserve middle weight. My brother and I also won our showmanship divisions, so we had a good show.
Thanks again!
Trey Hebert - Union Church, MS

I just wanted to thank you for the wether I bought from you in your last sale last year. I placed 1st in my class and won a trophy, 5th over all and also Reserve Champion Sr Showmanship and won a buckle in our county show this year.
Dylan Ansley

We ended our show season at San Angelo and I wanted to tell you about our year. We had a the Reserve Champion in Stephens Co. a third place in Ft. Worth, and a fourth place in San Angelo. Also a top 20 finish in San Antonio. All Harbour goats. The depth of quality of your sale wethers is the best around. See you next year.
Kevin Simmons, Breckenridge, Tx.

...our Maricopa County Fair Grand Champion goat. This goat won all three shows we went to and helped win my son a Stock Trailer ($3000 value) at one show. He got points for the champion goat, senior showmanship(1st) and the Sr. 4-H Judging contest(1st) to win the trailer. We had a great year with this wether.

I can't even begin to express our thanks to you and the opportunity to have shown a Harbour goat. We've had the best time this year and it's been a rewarding one as well. My son, Coy, showed goats at our county for the first time this year. He's had 2 years of raising rabbits and then took a lamb to the Star in Austin. This hands on experience got him excited about wanting to show something at the county beside rabbits. We decide to try a goat and boy can I tell you that has been the best thing. He's gone to several jackpots where he was able to meet and gain some valuable showmanship skills and ring experience. We purchased a goat from you at the May sale, Lot 363 born 2/7/05, and he's been an absolute wonderful project, his name is Casper. There were 2 other goats at our house since he could show 2 and we wanted an alternate. The show was last Thursday and he showed your goat in Class 4 with 27 entries and took 1st place. The other goat took first in Class 6 with 22 entries. Then both of the goats went in for Grand and Reserve Champion and the Harbour goat took Grand Champion! He was asked to come back for the junior showmanship (8-13) and he used Casper and the two of them did outstanding. He did not win showmanship but the invitation and the opportunity show against some veteran kids was flattering. I've attached a picture of him if you would like to use it on your website or so you can list it with you other winners. You can rest assure that we will be back in the Spring and can't wait to raise another Harbour goat.
Thank you.
David & Mary Cass

Hi, Mrs. Donna! Thank you for your help at your sale. The goats are now in Magnolia, MS. Meagan wishes to tell you hello and that she really likes her goats. The trip was long, but we really enjoyed your place and your sale. It was the first sale we have been to that we were confident that we would like our picks. Your numbering system takes the fear out of selecting a goat. A neighbor came over last night and really raved over the goats. I told her that they were #14 and #17 on your list. She said she can't imagine what #1 looked like because these were the best she has seen in this area.
Thanks again!
The Rousseau Family


I am pleased to let you know that a down that I bought from you last summer was the Champion Southdown at the Tarrant County Junior Livestock Show. This lamb placed well all year. He was champion 3 times and reserve grand once. He almost was reserve grand at the Tarrant County Junior Livestock Show. We would like to come back this summer and look at some more of your March and April lambs. Mark Green and I will be down to your sale in May. It is always nice to talk with you, and you really helped me out with my lambs and goats this year. I appreciate all your help. When I can get a good picture of the lamb, I will send it to you. Thanks again for letting us come in and get such a nice group of lambs and goats.
Timothy Johnson, Lake Worth Agriculture Education

My name is Trey Woodson and i had bought a wether from ya'll at the last sale you had. His ear tag number was five. Just wanted to let you know I am very pleased of how he has turned out. I run the TJLA and he has won all the light weight classes he has been to. I have taken Three Grand Champions at Prospect shows and won lots of showmanships with him. Just wanted to take the time to let you know whatever your doing don't stop. And I also was wondering if ya'll raised any State Fair of Texas wethers. Well he will be at houston and hopefully we will see you there.
Thanks alot!
Trey Woodson

We purchased a goat from you at the sale organized by Jeff Ripley in New Braunfels, Texas in July. We wanted you to know that our daughter Shelby and Jake (your Harbour goat) received Grand Champion at the Hippo Classic Lamb & Goat show this past weekend. This is Shelby's first time to place first, to win grand champion and her first belt buckle. She is very excited as our county show is just a month away. Thought you'd like to know that you had another winner. We'll let you know how we do at County.
Denise Romero

Hi! We enjoyed the sale yesterday. We're excited about our two new Harbour show goats. Our secret is out though, because we had to fill an order for a Harbour goat for one of our friends. This goat has really changed Garrett's show career. His confidence in showing goats has skyrocketted thanks to Donkey. When you walk into the ring with a goat like this people take notice, and Garrett has been so proud to lead him. The Harbour team has been so kind to us this year, and we really appreciate all your advice, support and friendship. We'll keep you posted on our new kids.
Keith, Jennifer and Garrett Hancock

My name is Ashleigh WIlliams. I am 13 years old. I live in Hatfield, AR. I was the Arkansas Grand Champion winner with one of your goats I named Rueben. Mr. Joe Cook bought my goats for me from your farm. He also bought another goat that won 2nd place in his class at the Arkansas as well. I have won Grand Champion at the Arkansas State Fair 2 of the past 3 years. I did not get to show at the State Fair last year because our county extension agent forgot to send in our papers. I had your goat then as well and it was one of the best I ever had. It won Grand Champion at my county fair, as well as the one I had this year. I take great care of my animals and I live to show goats. Please save 2 of your best goats for me next spring. Mr. Joe Cook will be looking for my goats this spring again. I promise I will try my hardest to win for you again next fall.
Thanks alot!
Ashleigh Williams

Brandon Rowland bought this goat at the Harbour sale last Sept. 1 week after purchase he won his class 1 at Winnie Rice Festival, he was Champion at Crosby 4-H Prospect Show, Class Winner at Goose Creek Classic, Reserve Champion at Galena Park School District and numerous other wins. See you in September for another sweet one like this.
Janice Rowland

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